How to Save a Blunt For Later


 Not everyone who decides to light up a blunt, joint, or pre-roll may want to smoke the entire thing in one sitting. Of course, the first question we hear people ask is "How can I store my half-smoked blunt, while also ensuring its freshness for when I decide to smoke later?"

Oxygen Is The Enemy 

Old yellowed book

Like most natural products, the key factor that ruins freshness is right in front of you: Oxygen! Oxygen is the fuel for oxidation, and oxidation is the process by which the aging process becomes significantly accelerated. Just think about any books you may have had as a child - find them now, and they've likely yellowed, become dry and stale, & degraded in quality. 

The major key to storing your half-used blunts is to make sure to keep it in an airtight container! Simple as that. 

Best Option for Saving Your Blunts For Later

Usually, people stub out their blunt and store it in either a sealed plastic baggie, a glass jar/pill bottle, or in the cheap, flimsy packaging tubes they receive with their pre-rolls. However, plastic bags cannot protect your products from becoming damaged (nor are they reliable air seals), a glass jar isn't easily transportable, and the cheap tubes have no way to avoid getting that ashy funk all over your blunt when you try to light it up for later (see below for a pretty familiar sight!)

The AshTrapThingy is the best storage device that was purpose built to solve all of these issues and is a must-have for those who want to be able to keep their half-smoked products in the best condition possible for smoking later. 
Ashtrapthingy pre-roll storage

If you want to learn a bit more about the AshTrapThingy, you can go the AshTrapThingy's How to Use page . In a nutshell - it is the only blunt, joint, or pre-roll storage mechanism that contains a patented ash-trapping device integrated within the tube itself. This allows the user to place their still-lit product into the tube (no stubbing out necessary!), place the cap on, give it a small shake to let the ashes filter through, and then remove the end cap to dump the trapped ashes. (demonstrated in the How to Use page)

The AshTrapThingy was also put to the test multiple times and has shown its ability to remain airtight, smell-free, and waterproof (even when run through a 30 minute wash cycle!

Finally, unlike other storage tubes, the AshTrapThingy is re-usable & easily washable (it has two open capped ends vs. the others which possess a single-cap / squeeze cap opening)

So, the next time someone asks you how to save your new and half-smoked blunts, joints, & pre-rolls for later - know that there is a solution out there for them that will keep your product clean, fresh, and protected!